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Principle #1

Control building operations and costs. USAS attempts to balance the goals of achieving optimum operating cost efficiencies with the objective of providing the highest possible level of service. In order to find equilibrium between these frequently conflicting goals, USAS undertakes a variety of steps when reviewing and managing our properties.

These steps include:

  • Evaluation of the service level expectations of your tenants including a baseline audit conducted immediately upon retention.
  • Analysis of existing leases, receivables and tenant relationships.
  • Assessment of operating expenses and opportunities for additional tenant billings.
  • Evaluation of each contracted service to determine its effectiveness and cost compared with the market.
  • Review of the existing budget in comparison of budget to actual performance, including comparing costs against IREM and BOMA expense standards and other benchmarks including other properties in USAS's portfolio.

USAS managers and personnel are trained to identify areas within their properties and portfolios that can be changed to enhance the properties operating efficiencies and reduce overall operating expenses. As a result, our team has and will continue to develop a reputation of providing the highest level of service to the tenants and owners at the same time controlling costs. Improving operating efficiency is what ultimately results in an increase in the value of the property.

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Principle #2

Maintain and enhance services. When it comes to customer service, USAS employees share a simple philosophy: creating value for our clients is our most important responsibility. An integrated, creative and dedicated service approach allows us to exceed the expectations of both owners and occupiers of real estate.

A comprehensive tenant relations program is critical to the success of any property. A critical factor in determining tenants’ satisfaction is the timely and constructive responses to service requests. The basics include periodic surveying of tenants’ satisfaction as well as routine analysis and reporting of complaints and service requests. Beyond that, USAS will work with ownership to develop a budget for other tenant relation services such as area user guides, tenant gift programs, and a move-in program.

In conjunction with ownership, USAS will design a follow-up schedule based on ownership's needs and structure.

Principle #3

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Provide superior maintenance and technological support.
USAS has committed to provide its managers with high-quality maintenance and technological support. The maintenance, technology and engineering services provide a comprehensive building and technical support services for all USAS managed properties, including responding to tenant calls, preventative maintenance, site inspections, and operational audits. Each member of our group is trained to comply with USAS customer service and quality performance standards. These get reviewed weekly, and exemplary service gets recognized with our team members at each of our bi-weekly meetings.

Our outsourced technical services division, Blackfin Engineering Services, provides comprehensive ongoing annual valuations of building systems including deficiencies, improvements, maintenance practices or sequence of operations for equipment. Mechanical systems are analyzed for air-quality, adequate dehumidification, cooling/heating capacity, ventilation, and overall continuous maintenance. Operations and maintenance are central to building performance and warrants the focus of a partner that lives and breathes it. Some of Blackfin’s long-term clients include management companies: CBRE, JLL and C&W, among other local and regional companies.

USAS uses the Yardi procurement platform for its management portfolio to leverage buying power. However, managers may use vendors for goods and services outside this platform if pricing is more competitive. Our team does not mark up or charge a premium for any parts, equipment, or supplies purchased on behalf of our tenants or property owners. This results in substantial savings for a client and tenants.

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USAS has a very solid team of accounting professionals who are trained to produce accurate and timely financial statements but to also understand the big picture of the asset.

One of the cornerstones of a successful commercial real estate services firm is the ability to provide timely, accurate and flexible information to clients in a format that is customized to meet their needs. We take great pride in our financial services capabilities. We have the ability to establish a report/accounting package that aligns with your reporting requirements and is consistent with all other reports we generate for you. USAS utilizes the Yardi Voyager platform for reporting.

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Standard reporting

The typical monthly property level reporting package is completed using Yardi, the accounting software, and includes the following reports: balance sheet, statement of operations, accounting receivable ledger/age delinquency, rent roll, cash receipt detail, security deposit ledger, check register and bank reconciliation.

Budgeting is one of the most critical functions performed throughout the year for our managed properties. The budget is a road map for the owner and management team.

Annual budgets are typically zero based budgets, real estate manager and accountant work as a team identifying the cost to support the properties from the ground up. USAS will prepare an annual operating budget for the properties that includes income expense sections and a capital expenditure budget. The budget will contain the line item detail with back up on revenue, expenses and capital accounts.

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USAS real estate managers are competent to complete project management for capital and tenant improvements. If a project is more complicated, we work very closely with architectural firms who provide that service. We also work with owner’s representatives. USAS works closely with and supervises outside consultants for complex projects requiring a third-party expertise.

USAS will oversee project management at the early stage of leasing for each project. This commences with the hiring of the projects space planner and an engineer for design work. When a preliminary space plan is prepared, the initial budget estimate is established and communicated to the owner. This budget is used to facilitate leasing parameters.

Upon entering into a letter of intent or lease, engineering construction documents are prepared and the project is competitively bid. Upon analysis of those bids, USAS will make a recommendation and create a construction schedule for the tenant and owner.

Our project manager supports the property manager in administrating the construction and design contract. This includes attending construction meetings, site inspections, change order reviews, pay requests, lien waiver reviews, and final punch list and job close out.

USAS's success in the tenant improvement process is based on strong communication between leasing and management teams in the preconstruction phases and between management, tenants and the contractor during the construction phase.


USAS brokerage team will market available space with a fully integrated marketing program. We will develop a plan to strategically target brokers and logical occupier targets. Based on an objective review of the property and best opportunities, we will develop unique marketing concepts that communicate all of the amenities of the project to the appropriate audiences. Our objective is to work on your behalf to create a solution that meets your needs in the shortest possible time. The goal remains to achieve long-term quality tenants.

All standard marketing costs associated with the project shall be at brokers’ cost including flyers, photos, aerials, signs and mailings. USAS will continue implementing specific strategies to ensure that the property receives the most exposure and commands the highest values. The strategies fall into planning and strategizing, procurement and advertising, broker participation, tenant tours and negotiation and lease execution and coordination.

Our Process


Performing in-depth market and property analysis



Develop marketing strategy



Locate and identify potential tenants



Conduct due dilligence



Coordinate lease execution

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USAS's transition approach includes the implementation of numerous interrelated activities coordinated to provide a smooth startup of property management operations for the tenants, vendors and ownership. This approach is based upon prior experience with similar buildings.

To perform a seamless management transition, the following steps will be performed:

  • Consult with ownership and conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the requirements for day-to-day operations, reporting, information systems, and contracted services required for the properties.
  • Interview and evaluate the vendors servicing the property and make recommendations regarding suggested changes.
  • Initiate management operations in an orderly manner so billing services are provided seamlessly.
    • Bring the asset "online" to USAS's method of property management, introducing property policies and procedures.
    • Upon consultation interaction with the owner’s point of contact, create a business plan for the properties.
    • Communicate regularly with ownerships point of contact on all pertinent matters.